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Heli Sightseeing in Banff

Helicopter Tours in Banff

If you are only going to treat yourself to one helicopter ride in your life then makes sure it is one that will take you high above the mountains in Banff as there is no better way to see the stunning sight of the Rocky Mountains than on a helicopter tour. Soaring about the tips of the mountains provides an unbeatable view and gives you a real feel for the immensity of this area with snow topped, rugged peaks, glaciers and alpine lakes spread out beneath you in one dramatic scene.

Seeing the landscape by air is necessarily weather dependent and to avoid disappointment you are recommended to book your helicopter tour at the start of your trip to allow for schedule changes.

With a number of helicopter tour companies operating in the area, ask at your hotel or speak to other visitors for their recommendations. It is also advisable to research prices before you book and always make sure you find out about the length of time spent in the air so that you can properly compare rates. If you are considering doing more than one tour in the region, ask whether the tour operator offers any extras discounts for combining a ride with any other excursions they may provide, a good way to make a saving.

Most companies have helipads conveniently located a short drive from the town offering this wonderful experience on your doorstep. This part of your trip is guaranteed to offer lasting memories of Banff.