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Banff Attractions

Skiing in Banff

Banff, located in the beautiful Banff National Park, is overlooking a spectacular scenery from the surrounding Alberta Rocky mountains. The town is easily accessible from Calgary from which it is a ninety minute drive to the east.

Once in town, visitors will find an extensive bus system although many find that the town is small enough to be able to explore it by feet.

Banff National Park is the perfect place for the adventurous among you - there are plenty of trails for trekking, lakes for fishing and hills for hiking. However, if you're craving the beautiful views visible from the top of the mountains without the physical exertion, why not take the Banff Gondola the whole way up Sulphur Mountain?

The Rockies are known internationally for having some of the world's most spectacular scenery. If you are in Banff for a short amount of time it would be worth investigating sightseeing tours as these will take some of the hassle out of exploring yourself. Knowledgeable guides will help you get the most out of your trip.

If you are a skier, staying in Banff in winter will put you within a quick travelling distance from three wonderful ski resorts. The most famous, Lake Louise Mountain Resort, hosts world cup skiing during the winter. For the non-skiers, there is a veriaty of other activities that will keep you busy exploring the Rockies. The Red Earth Spa has a full range of treatments and facilities providing a great way to spend a relaxing day in the town.


In the summer, snow sports give way to land based activities. The town has many hiking trails in its surroundings. Hiking through the mountains is a wonderful way to see the scenery and feel at one with the nature. The Banff Park Museum is another great spot to visit due to its original exhibit collection which reflects and commemorates an early approach to the interpretation of natural history in Canada. For the more adventurous visitor, mountain biking and white water rafting tours are available.

The town's location in the heart of the national park offers a great selection of accommodations to choose from. Booking ahead of time is recommended as the hotels fill up quickly. Accommodations tend to be quite expensive in the town so those on a tight budget might consider staying in Canmore which is a short drive from Banff. As for food and drinks, the town will not disappoint you. There is a wide range of restaurants, serving up a veriaty of cuisines.